What happens if someone marks my email as spam?

When anyone marks your email as spam, it can have various consequences depending on your Internet service provider (ISP) and the frequency of such complaints. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Anytime a subscriber marks an email as spam (for any ISP other than Gmail), the beehiiv system will automatically prevent further emails from being sent to them.
  • Gmail doesn't send spam complaints to providers, so there's no way to remove those users from receiving future emails.
  • Their status remains as active in beehiiv, but we mark them as inactive on the backend.
  • The spam threshold is 0.1% anything above that is considered unhealthy and can impact deliverability.

How to view if there were spam reports for your publications

You can check to see if anyone has reported your emails as spam after each of your posts have been published.

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Write > Posts, then click on the name of any of your published posts.

  2. This will open the Analytics tab of your publication dashboard where you will see the number of Recipients, Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Spam Reports. 

You can also check out this helpful guide on Email Deliverability from our blog to better understand spam.

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