What happens if a user marks my email as spam?

This article covers what happens if a user marks an email as spam.

When a subscriber marks your email as spam, and in some cases depending on your subscribers’ ISP, a few things will happen:

  • When a user marks an email as spam (for any ISP other than Gmail), we automatically prevent further emails from being sent to them.
  • Gmail doesn't send spam complaints to providers, so there's no way to remove those users from receiving future emails.
  • Their status remains as active in beehiiv, but we mark them as inactive on the backend.
  • The spam threshold is 0.1% - anything above that is considered unhealthy and can impact deliverability.

You’re able to see how many spam reports you've received in the app via:

  • Write > Posts > Analytics tab under Spam Reports
  • Analyze > Posts Report under Spam Reported
    • This is available on the Grow plan and up!

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