Why is my open rate declining?

Open rates may vary based on a number of factors that include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Industry
  • Frequency (how often you're sending)
  • Timing (day + time of send)
  • Relevance (based on readers' interests)
  • Subject lines
  • Quality (content that your readers enjoy)

If you’re seeing your open rates decrease, it’s likely related to one of the factors above. For example, you may be sending too often or not often enough, your audience isn’t properly segmented, or your subject lines aren’t capturing your readers’ attention.

Changes in deliverability (due to your emails being marked as spam, improperly warming a custom domain, switching sender names/domains, etc.) may also negatively impact your open rates.

Additionally, maintaining a good sender reputation is important in protecting your open rates. To do so:

  • Regularly prune your email list
  • Use an opt-in system
  • Send from a verified domain


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