What if I don't receive the confirmation email to my account?

If you have yet to receive the confirmation email after setting up your beehiiv account, the first thing you should do is double check that the email you inputted in beehiiv is the same email account that you are checking. 

Next, be sure to check for it in your other email folders such as:

  • Spam
  • Junk
  • Trash
  • Promotions
  • Forums
  • Social 

In the event that you can’t find the confirmation email after checking these places, we recommend safe-listing our beehiiv confirmation email address in your inbox, buzz@tx.beehiiv.com, and then resending the confirmation email from the banner in your account dashboard. 

Confirm email banner.png

If after taking these steps and you're still not receiving your confirmation email, you can reach out to our Virtual Agent, Buzz, by clicking here who can put you in touch with support. 

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