Where to find your Publication ID or API keys

Publication IDs and API keys are unique API functions that are strictly available to users on our paid plans. Users on our Launch (free) plan will have access to a Publication ID during the free-trial period, but the feature will stop working once the trial is over. 

Tech Note: In order to gain the API access needed to generate Publication IDs and API keys, you’ll need to first confirm your account with Stripe Identity Verification.


How to access your Publication ID or API keys 

  1. From the left panel in your account, scroll down and select Settings


  2. From Settings, click on Integrations, which will open up the API tab.

  3. You’ll see sections for Publication ID and API Keys. Depending on the number of publications that you have in your account, you can click the down arrow to reveal and copy your Publication ID.

  4. To create a new API key that can be used to integrate your beehiiv account with other platforms, click on the New API Key button.

  5. A form will appear on the right, give your new API key a name and click on the Create New Key button.

  6. You’ll receive a quick success message at the top of your screen and then you can copy your new API key.

Pro Tip: Be certain to copy your new API key down and keep it somewhere safe, because the key will not be retrievable after you navigate from the page!

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