Reasons magic links may not work

There are generally three scenarios that you may encounter a magic link not working, we’ll explain reasons for each below. 

Magic link isn’t working in a test email 

There are a few reasons why magic links may not work as expected in a test email.

  • When setting your test email parameters, make sure to use the Simulated Subscriber option under Advanced.

    Magic links use the {{email}} tag to pull in the email address from the platform, and a test email won't have this unless simulated.

  • The user clicking the magic link is already subscribed to your newsletter.

  • The link is incorrectly copy or pasted. Double-check that it has been added correctly and matches the URL in the Magic Links section of your account.

Magic link doesn’t work online 

Magic links do not work on websites or in browsers. They are designed to function within email clients by pulling the reader’s email address to sign them up. On the web, there is no way for the magic link to access the email address, rendering it ineffective. Each email platform has a unique magic link URL, and it will only work in emails sent by the selected platform.


Incorrect platform selection

You’ll always want to ensure you’ve selected the correct platform when creating your magic link. Each platform has a unique tag and URL structure, so using a magic link created for one platform on another will not work. Double check the platform selection to make sure the magic link is compatible with the intended email client.

Refer to this article for more info and to see a list of compatible email platforms.  

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