How can I set up Recommendations?

The article will outline how you can set up Recommendations for your publication. 


How to Add a Recommendation

1. Click on Grow



2. Click on Recommendations



3. Click on Add recommendation

Click this button to start adding a new recommendation to another publication



4. Search for the name of the publication

A pop up modal will appear and here you'll search for the publication you want to recommend in your newsletter



5. Reason for recommending

Briefly share why you're recommending them once you've located the name of the publication



6. Click on Add recommendation

Click the Add recommendation button to save your selection



Adding a New Recommendation in a Post

You’re also able to add a new Recommendation while creating a new post​


1. Click on +

Clicking on the + will open your list of available styles and blocks to choose from



2. Click on Recommendation

Choose the Recommendation block



3. Click on Add a recommendation

Once the Recommendation block appears in your post, you can click the Add a recommendation option to be taken back to the creation process above in a separate tab



4. Search for your new Recommendation

Once you've added your new Recommendation, you can search for it in your original tab and it will be available



How to Update your Recommendations

The Recommendations page

Now that you've added a Recommendation to your publication, it will appear in your list of Recommendations where you can make changes



The Action Menu

For each recommended publication, you have an action menu to make changes. 


Edit reason

You can edit the reason why you recommend this publication to potential subscribers



Make inactive

You can make a recommended publication inactive as well as reactivate it when you're ready to make it available to potential subscribers again




You can remove this publication from your list of recommendations permanently



Arrange Your Recommendations

You’re also able to arrange the order of appearance of your Recommendations to potential subscribers


Click on Arrange

Clicking the Arrange button will open a side panel pop to arrange the order



Click and drag your Recommendations

From here you can click and drag your list of Recommendations in your preferred order of appearance




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