How to enable double opt-in and Smart Nudge

Requiring a double opt-in adds an extra layer of security to your account by asking your new subscribers to confirm their email address before any emails can be sent to their inbox. It’s an important aspect that verifies people willingly subscribed and confirmed their membership to your publication. And because we're all human and could easily forget that second step, further enabling Smart Nudge is the best way to ensure those new subscribers confirm and complete their opt-in. 

Although both are optional, several best practices are seamlessly integrated into the process when you enable these features in your account.

Here's what to expect when when you have both features enabled:

  • Automated Delivery: Double opt-in emails are automatically sent to new subscribers upon subscription.
  • Welcome Email: New subscribers receive a brief welcoming message, urging them to verify their subscription by clicking a confirmation button.
  • Confirmation Button: The confirmation button directs subscribers to your beehiiv homepage or a custom URL.
  • Smart Nudge: If new subscribers don’t respond to your welcome message, then Smart Nudge sends another email reminder 48 hours later. 

To create a more tailored opt-in experience for your subscribers, you can customize the welcome email content, button text, and its URL. 

How to enable double opt-in 

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication, this will open on the General tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the Double Opt-In section. 
  3. Toggle on the option for Require Double Opt-In to enable it. 


With double opt-in enabled, after signing up for your beehiiv publication, new subscribers will receive a message letting them know they still need to confirm.


Add an opt-in redirect URL

By default, all double opt-in emails have a subscription confirmation button that goes to your publication’s homepage or a custom URL. If you’d like to redirect them elsewhere upon confirmation, you can specify a different URL for the button.

In the Opt-in Redirect URL field, add a URL for the redirect and click on Done



Enable Smart Nudge

With double opt-in enabled, your subscribers will automatically receive a welcome message with a confirmation button and then they’ll sit in a pending state until their email is confirmed. Smart Nudge is designed to automatically trigger a reminder confirmation email 48 hours after the welcome message.

To enable it, toggle on the Smart Nudge option under Double Opt-In. 


Pro Tip: While these settings are optional, they work most effectively when used together. Smart Nudge acts as a reminder for pending subscribers — those who haven't confirmed their email — to better ensure they complete their opt-in and confirm their subscription.


Customize your double opt-in welcome email message

  1. To customize the content of your double opt-in email message, click on the View and Update Confirmation button under Double Opt-In.

  2. Click on the Edit button at the upper right corner.

  3. The email will appear, and you can use the beehiiv editor to craft your desired opt-in email message. When you're done, click on Save at the bottom right corner.


Tech Note: The subscription confirmation button cannot be deleted, as it serves as our authentication method for subscriptions. However, you can position the button anywhere in the message and customize its text.


How to review or edit your opt-in email 

After it’s been created, when you click on the View and Update Confirmation button from the Double Opt-In section, you’ll see a new dashboard where you can both edit and preview your opt-in message from the Overview tab.


Click on the Analytics tab to see the total recipients, opens, and clicks from your double opt-in email.



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