How to enable double opt-in and Smart Nudge

Requiring a double opt-in adds an extra layer of security to your account by asking your new subscribers to confirm their email address before any emails can be sent to their inbox. And because we're all human and could easily forget that second step, further enabling Smart Nudge is the best way to ensure those new subscribers confirm and complete their opt-in. Both features can be toggled on or off right from your account. 

The core purpose of using double opt-in is to ensure the quality of your mailing lists and to further filter out low-quality subscribers. Optimizing for high quality subscribers should always be your goal, and making double-opt in required is essential to that. Adding the little extra step of the double opt-in confirmation email will keep disinterested people and misspelled addresses off of your subscriber lists.   

How to enable double opt-in and Smart Nudge

1. From the left panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication > General.

Double opt-in.1.png


2. Scroll down to the Double Opt-In section to toggle on/off the settings for Require Double Opt-In and Smart Nudge, they will both save automatically.

Double opt-in.2.png

Pro Tip: Although they are optional, these two settings, work best in tandem with the Smart Nudge acting as a reminder for any pending subscribers (those who have not yet confirmed their email) that they still need to verify their opt-in to confirm their email/subscription.

Once double opt-in has been toggled on in your account, new subscribers will see a message like this after signing up for your beehiiv Publication:


Still can't decide if you should enable this feature? Be sure to check out this article that compares single to double opt-in. 

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