How to create, assign, or remove content tags for posts

Tagging your post content can significantly enhance organization and improve the user experience for your audience. By using tags, you make it easier for your subscribers to find more content related to their specific interests, thus increasing engagement and satisfaction.

In this guide, we will walk you through the complete process of managing tags for your posts. We'll start with creating tags, then cover the steps to assign these tags to your posts, making your content more accessible and organized for your audience. Finally, we’ll explain how to assign or remove tags from already published posts, giving you the flexibility to update and refine your content organization as needed.

How to create tags to organize your post content

  1. From your Dashboard in the left panel, click on Posts.

  2. In Posts, click on Manage Content Tags in the upper right.

  3. Click on Create Content Tag.

  4. Name your content tag. (Required)

  5. Add a description for your content tag. (Optional)

  6. Click on Save.

  7. Boom! You have a new content tag.

  8. If you’d like to edit or delete your content tags at any time, click on the 3-dots menu found to the right of the tag name.
    You’ll be presented with the option to Edit or Delete your content tags.

  9. Once you have created multiple tags, they will look similar to this on your publication website:

How to assign content tags to a post 

  1. Open a saved post or click on Start Writing from your Dashboard.

  2. Access the post editor on the right side, it will automatically open the Post tab. Go to the Content Tags section.

  3. Click into the Select Content input box. You can start typing to search your content tags, or select from the dropdown options. 
  4. After adding content tags, they will each appear below the input box. You can delete a tag from a post at any time by clicking the x on the tag.

How to assign or remove tags from a published post

  1. From your left panel Dashboard go to Posts. Then select the post you wish to edit the content tags for.

  2. The post will open, click on Edit post found in upper right corner.

  3. You’ll be taken back to the Post tab in the editor, where you originally created the post and assigned the tags.
    From here, you can add existing tags or delete them, the same as you would if you had not published the post. You can delete a tag from a post by clicking the x on the tag. Changes will be auto-saved to the post.



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