How to export poll data

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This article outlines how to export data from polls you've shared in your publications. For more details on using polls, go here

How to export poll data

1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience. 

Export Polls.01.png


2. Click on Polls.

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3. Select the poll from your list of created polls that you're looking to export data for.

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4. Click on the Export Results button to start the export process.

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5. A status message will appear notifying you that you will receive an email when the export is ready. You can also click on 'here' in this messaging to be taken directly to the file. 


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6. The Recent Exports area will list all of your recent exports including the Date, Type, Status, and Download Link for each. Your previously exports will be listed as Poll Responses under the Type column, and the download will create a CSV file.


Export Polls.06.png


7. To download any of the CSV files, click on Download


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Exported poll data chart

Here are the definitions of the default fields of exported poll data.

Data Type



The email of the logged in user engaging with the poll


The text of the selection the logged in user chose


The text entered by the logged in user in the Additional Feedback text box on the poll form


The individual ID of the logged in user that engaged with the poll


The date and time in UTC that the user engaged with the poll


The individual ID of the selection that the logged in user chose


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