How to use beehiiv polls

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Our powerful polls feature allows you to create polls in your publications to your heart’s content. You can choose between a Voting option that allows your subscribers to vote on topics directly from your email, or a Trivia option where you can offer anything from fun quizzes to a one-click trivia competition to keep your subscribers more engaged and entertained.

Advantages to using polls in your publications

  • Increase Engagement: Creating Voting or Trivia polls helps you to foster subscriber engagement by allowing them to vote on or engage with topics that are relevant to your audience.
  • Active Involvement: Polls encourage active participation from subscribers, making them feel more involved and connected to your content.
  • Feedback Loop: Polls provide an avenue to gather valuable feedback and insights from your audience, aiding in understanding their preferences and interests.
  • Content Variety: Polls diversify content by adding interactive elements, breaking the monotony of regular newsletter content and making it more engaging and entertaining for subscribers.

Plus, you can include a poll in any type of email send, including welcome emails, automations, referral program milestones, and more!

How to create a new poll 

From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience > Polls then click on New Poll to get started.



The poll creation menu will appear on the right.


You’ll need to add the following: 

  • Name: Give the poll a name, this will not be visible to your subscribers. 
  • Description: Enter in a description of the poll, this will not be visible to your subscribers.
  • Poll type: Select the type of poll, Voting or Trivia.


    Voting: This type of poll allows subscribers to select an option of their preference and then tallies the responses.
    Trivia: This type of poll allows subscribers to select answers to questions and then shows subscribers their result. 
  • Poll style: Choose the poll design that you prefer: Default, Bullet points, Numbered list, Unstyled, or Inline. (See below for examples of each.)





Bullet points


Numbered list







  • Poll Options: Create the specifics of your poll.



If you are using a Trivia poll, you’ll also need to determine the correct answer(s) to your question(s).



  • Show results: You can choose to enable the live results to your subscribers or not, by toggling the option left or right.

    For Voting polls, this will show the percentage of responses for each option.
    For Trivia polls, this will show whether their answer is correct or not.

If you enable the live results for a Trivia poll, when your subscribers select an answer in their email, they’ll be redirected to the results page where the correct answer is revealed, along with the aggregate results from other subscribers.



Preview: Always be sure to preview how your poll will look before publishing.


When you are happy with the look of your poll, click Save to finalize it.



How to add polls to your publications 

Once you’ve created one or more polls, you can access them anytime directly from the post editor by clicking / to bring up the options, then click on Poll under the Premium options. You’ll see the names of your polls to choose from, or you can select Create new poll to start a new one.


Pro Tip: Currently, beehiiv polls cannot be used in the segment editor, but you can include them in your automation emails, referral program milestone emails, and welcome emails.


Where to view data from your polls

There are a few ways for you to view the results of your polls. After a post that features a poll has been published, you’ll find data from the results aggregated on the Polls tab within the post itself. Additionally, you can view the results and data analytics from all of your polls directly from the Polls dashboard in your account.

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