How to manage your email notifications from beehiiv

By default, beehiiv sends email notifications when certain actions are taken in your account or to provide recaps with helpful data. You can opt-out of these email notifications at any time, and this article will explain how to do that. 

Notification Options 

These are the different beehiiv notifications and what they are for: 

  • Post Metrics: A performance recap after you publish a post.
  • Post Comments: Notification when you receive a new comment on a published post.
  • Editor Comments: Notification when you receive mentions and replies in the post editor.
  • Daily recap: A daily growth summary.
  • Monthly recap: A monthly growth summary. 

Where to manage your beehiiv notifications 

  1. From your left panel Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and click on Settings.

  2. From Settings, click on Notifications in the left panel.

  3. The Notifications options will appear, and you can choose which notifications you'd like to receive by toggling on or off the different selections.

  4. Each of the notification types are automatically toggled on by default. Toggling the options off means that you won’t receive that specific notification. Changes are saved automatically. 

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