How to add to or adjust the Navbar on your website

Available on paid beehiiv plans. Click here to upgrade your account.

The Navbar (short for navigation bar) is the clickable menu that is found at the top of most websites which navigates you to other pages on the website. 

The ability to add to and adjust the look of your beehiiv website’s Navbar lies within the Website Builder controls in your account. 

  1. From the left hand panel, click on Website Builder.

  2. The Website Builder will open on the settings for your Home Page and on the Styles tab, click on the Layout tab instead. Then, select the Global Navigation Layout option.
    Note: The Layout tab is only accessible on paid beehiiv plans.

  1. Under Navigation Menu Options, you can choose to toggle this option on, doing so will display a login button or a desktop Navbar on your beehiiv site.

  2. To add a new menu item to your Navbar, click on + Add Menu Item.

  3. A form will appear on the right where you’ll need to add a Title (required), which is the text that your site visitors will see in the Navbar. Then click on the Create button.

  4. To create a new group, click on Add Categories Group, then give it a title, set its URL slug, and click on Create Page.

    Note: In order to see the Categories menu, you’ll need to have created at least one content tag and linked it to a post.

    You can add up to 15 Menu Items to your Navbar. However, for best results, we recommend at most 5 or 6. When Navbars get too broad, we will proactively move Menu Items to a side panel.

  5. You can also make adjustments to your menu items from the same place. After you’ve added some menu items, simply click on the 3-dots for the item and then select to either Edit or Delete it.

    Pro Tip: You can move a Standalone Page, Draft Page, or External Link to your Navbar by clicking on the 3-dots menu and selecting Move to, then choose to move it to your Navbar or create a New Menu item.
  6. When you are finished, be sure to click on the Publish Home Page button found in the top right corner of the Website Builder while on the Layouts tab.

    Publish Home Page.01.png


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