How can I verify my account with stripe identity?

If you have signed up for a new account and need to import subscribers into beehiiv we do require you confirm your identity on your account. 

This can be done two ways within the Import Limits section inside your beehiiv account. 



A. Stripe Identity (5-min) 

This will be the most convenient and fastest way to verify your identity. Here we have partnered with Stripe Identity to be able to verify your identity and allow you to start importing and sending right away. 

B. Manual Verification (up to 72 hours) 

If you prefer not to use Stripe Identity you can leverage our manual verification process by contacting support. This will take around 48-72 hours for our team to manually verify your identity. 

To start the process to verify your Identity via Stripe follow the process outlined below: 

DashboardSettingsPublicationImport Subscribers (tab) → Import Limits (section) → Click on “Start Stripe Identity Verification”


1. Go to

2. Click on Settings



3. Click on Publication



4. Click on Import Subscribers



5. Scroll down to the Import Limits section



6. Click “Start Stripe Identity Verification” 



Stripe will then guide you through a step by step process to verify your identity. 

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