Why doesn't my text content look right?

When creating a newsletter, it’s fairly common to copy and paste content from services like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. However, this can retain the original formatting, including font styles, from the source. This can be a reason why your content may not look as expected in preview.

You can check for and remove any such inline styles directly from the text editor. In fact, it can be a good habit to get into, removing the formatting from any content that you copy and paste into beehiiv. 

How to check for and remove formatting from copy

  1. From an open post, highlight the text content. The text editor will appear above.

    When the Text styles icon is gray or white when clicked, it indicates that the text is clear of any additional formatting.

    When the Text styles icon is pink, it indicates that there is additional formatting that could be reset and removed.

  2. To remove formatting, click on the pink Text styles icon, then click on Reset all at the bottom of the options.

    Note: The Reset all option is only visible when there are additional text styles that can be removed.

  3. All done, any formatting will be removed and the Text styles icon will switch to gray or white when clicked.


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