How can I create custom pages?

Custom pages are an effective way to build your brand and reflect your newsletter fingerprint on every page.

With custom page creation, you can focus user attention on particular aspects of your site, create content tailored to specific interests, highlight particular products and services you offer, or direct visitors to take a specific action. 

Creating custom pages is invaluable to ensure visitors have the best experience possible while navigating their site. Custom pages could be anything from About Pages, product pages, service pages, contact pages, etc. 

To create a custom page, go here: SettingsWebsiteNavbar (tab) → scroll down to Pages→Add Internal Page.


1. Click on Settings



2. Click on Website



3. Click on Navbar



4. Scroll down to pages and then Click on Add Internal Page

A new page will display. Here you can add a thumbnail, the title of the custom page, create a slug for it, and add SEO title and SEO descriptions.


You can all create the content of the page by inserting whatever you want to add in this page with the post tool editor.


Once you are ready with your new custom page, you just have to click on “Create” in the upper right corner. Then your new page will be created.

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