What are the different website layouts you offer?

Custom layouts are a great way to give your newsletter and website their own unique look.

With beehiiv, you can customize layouts quickly and easily. Choose the fonts and colors that suit your brand, add images to make it stand out, and adjust the design until it's perfect for your brand. 

You have complete control over how everything looks. It's never been easier to make layouts that are indeed one of a kind. 

To create or edit your website layout, simply go here: Settings Website→General (tab)


1. Click on "Settings" on the left menu bar. A new window will display.



2. Click on "Website” 



From here, you can easily edit all the different elements of your newsletter:



  • Layouts: You can chose the classical website layout or a newspaper layout as we do with our blog.



  • Themes:



  • Typography: https://www.fontpair.co/ is an amazing tool to help you find the right combination of fonts for your headers and body text. It is important to know that websites can allow whatever font you want. However, some email providers only accept some fonts.



  • Buttons and forms



  • Images


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