How can I connect and set up my stripe account for premium subscriptions?

To start charging for a premium newsletter subscription within beehiiv you will need to first connect a stripe account to process credit card payments. 

You can find this integration within your beehiiv account here: Settings→ Publication→ Premium (tab) → Pricing (section)

Before setting up this integration you will need to have an active Stripe account. Simply register here.

Once you have an active account all you have to do it connect beehiiv with stripe by following the instructions below. 


Here are step by step instructions of the process: 

1. Go to the Premium tab  to connect your stripe account



2. Follow the Stripe instructions for the following steps: 







Once your Stripe account has been approved it will be fully connected to beehiiv and you will be able to set up and charge for your premium subscriptions. 

To learn more about monetizing your newsletter, view some of our resources here

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