Can I manually move someone from “pending” to “active” status, even if they don’t double opt-in?

No, this cannot be done. 

Once double opt-in is in use, subscribers who are marked as pending cannot be manually forced into an active state. This can be seen here in your subscriber page




The purpose of double opt-in is to act as a filter preventing poor fit subscribers, or fake subscribers, from receiving easy access to your publication. 

It is often the case where these poorly engaged subscribers hurt open rates and deliverability. Remember to strive for quality > quantity. Turning on double-opt-in limits the possibility of poor fit subscribers hurting these key metrics. Plus allows you to build a much higher quality email list. 

It is normal to have users in the pending status forever (some subscribers may never confirm their email). 

If you are interested in moving subscribers from pending to active manually, it is worth considering the removal of double opt-in in the first place. 

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