Why is my advertiser saying their ads were clicked less than what shows in my beehiiv analytics?

As you have different advertisers and sponsors for your newsletter you may find potential discrepancies in your reporting. If you’re familiar and have experience with running ads on any platform you will know that not one platform has 100% accuracy when it comes to tracking. 

Our analytics platform is best in class when it comes to tracking (since we own the data) and will be your best option for showing advertisers the most accurate data possible when it comes to your campaigns. 

If an advertiser is showing less clicks than what you see in your beehiiv dashboard because they are using a trackable link or showing different data via their google analytics it may just be a variance in tracking. Hosting, page load speed, etc could all affect someone clicking and then bouncing from a website which could show a click on our side and a bounce on the sponsors side.
We advise that you set expectations with each advertiser as early as possible about this potential variance and that you will leverage data from the beehiiv dashboard to have a central source of truth. 

Otherwise it will be very difficult to track results if all advertisers and sponsors are utilizing their own and different tracking softwares as they will not all match no matter how good they are. 

If you ever feel data is not matching up or isn’t accurate don’t hesitate to reach out directly to support. 


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