What should I include In my welcome email?

The welcome email is an important part of your email newsletter and the first email a new subscriber will receive from you. 

Your welcome email should include just that a warm welcome to your new subscribers and set the stage for what your newsletter is all about and what they should expect moving forward. This is also a great opportunity to ensure new subscribers whitelist your email and mark it as important to ensure they receive future emails. 

We’ve put together a few resources to help you draft the perfect welcome here


To edit your welcome email simply do so by going here: 

DashboardSettingsPublication → General (tab) → Welcome Email (section) → Set up Welcome Email (button)

1. Go to app.beehiiv.com

2. Click on Settings



3. Click on Publication



4. Click on General (tab)



5. Scroll down to the  Welcome Email (section)



6. Click on “Set Up Welcome Email” button



7. Toggle on Send welcome email to new subscribers


You will also have the option to create your subject line, preview text and draft the content you want to include within your welcome email. 

8. Click on Save once completed


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