How to set up your welcome email

The welcome email is an important part of your email newsletter and the first email a new subscriber will receive from you. It serves to greet, thank, and introduce the subscriber to the newsletter's content, fostering a positive initial connection and providing essential onboarding information. 

Your welcome email should set the stage for what your newsletter is all about and what they should expect moving forward. This is also a great opportunity to ensure new subscribers safelist your email and mark it as important to ensure they receive future emails. 

How to create and edit your welcome email

1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication, then scroll down to the Welcome Email section. 


2. Click on the Set Up Welcome Email button. 


3. The message editor will open, at the top of the email toggle on the option to Send welcome email to new subscribers.


4. Create your subject line and preview text, then draft the content you want to include within your welcome email. Click on Save in the bottom right corner once completed.


5. After you’ve saved your welcome email, you can go back to the same place to view and edit it. You can also untoggle the option to enable your welcome email from here. 



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