How to set a sender name?

A "sender name" is the name in the "from" field in a reader's inbox. Many publications like to use the "name from publication" format, such as "Tyler from beehiiv".

Please note the sender's name should not be an email address.

The more personal you can make it the better. You will notice some companies and newsletters may also use their business name in some cases. 

You can update this anytime here under SettingsPublication→ General → “Sender Name” 



Here is how to do it: 

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Click on settings



3. Click on publication



4. Click on general



5. Scroll down to the sender name section



6. Edit sender name…


We recommend by default toggle on and use your sender name as the author for all posts. If you want to change this you can simply toggle off at anytime. All this means is the sender name you create will also match the author name on the published post. 


7. Click on done to save


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