How to update the address in your publication footer

The physical address featured in your publication footer is an aspect that is required by law. The information for the address is pulled from your publication’s company settings, which can be updated at any time in your account. We will explain how to do so below. 

You can also customize the appearance of your publication footer in the Newsletter Builder. For more details, please refer to this footer customization article.

How to update your footer address

  1. From the left panel Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and click on Settings.

  2. Under Admin in the left panel, click on Company.

  3. Your Company settings will open on the General tab, where you’ll have the option to edit the Company Name and Address. Click on the pencil icon to edit your Address.

  4. Enter in your Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, and Country. Review all fields for accuracy and then click on Save.

    Tech Note: By law, a physical address must be included in your email footer. When adding your company information in this step, ensure all address fields, including "State," are completed. If any fields are left blank, your address may default to beehiiv's New York address to meet the legal requirement for a public address.
  5. Once saved, your company address will be featured in every publication footer.

    Custom Footer.png


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