What Is "no-Indexing" & how do I enable It?

If you already have your own blog or website, you will want to enable ‘No-Indexing’. By default, when you create a beehiiv publication, we create a corresponding beehiiv website too where all your content will live in a web hosted archive.

But, since you already have your own site, you don’t want your content to be live on two separate websites. You also don’t want Google and other search engines to punish you for duplicate content, which would negatively affect your SEO efforts. 

Enter: “No-indexing”. 

This is a setting that informs search engines to avoid crawling your beehiiv website. 



This will solve any potential issues regarding duplicate content (or if you don’t want your site appearing in search results for any other reason). This works well for content you want kept private. 

To enable this setting, visit your advanced website settings here. 

SettingsWebsiteAdvanced (tab) → Configuration (section) → Enable No Indexing? (sub-section)



1. Go to app.beehiiv.com

2. Click on Settings



3. Click on Website



4. Click on Advanced



5. Scroll down to Configuration…



Here you can enable “No-Indexing” by simply toggling the button.

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