How to set or change your publication's reply-to address

Every beehiiv publication is required to have a reply-to address assigned to it. This is the email your subscribers see as the sender of your publication, and where they can reply by clicking "reply-to" in their email.

Tech Note: It's best practice to use an email address with a custom domain after the @ symbol, like, as the reply-to address in your account. That way, it boosts your brand recognition and continuously builds trust with your subscribers.

Just be sure not to mistake the reply-to email address with your account email, which is what you use to log into your beehiiv account. You can set or change your reply-to address anytime from the same place in your account, as outlined below.

Watch and learn: How to set a reply-to address

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How to set or change your publication's reply-to address

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings.


  2. Click on Publication and then scroll to Reply To Address. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.

    Reply-to address.02.png

  3. Enter in your designated reply-to email address. Or, if you would like to update it to a new address, then remove the old email and add the updated email address in its place. 

    Reply-to address.03.png

  4. Click Save to confirm.


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