Do I need a Stripe account?

You will need a Stripe account to offer readers a premium subscription in beehiiv. We do not integrate with any other platforms at this time. If you don’t offer a premium subscription for your newsletter, you will not need to connect Stripe. 

beehiiv will integrate with your Stripe account to process any payments that come from your premium newsletter subscriptions. 

You can find this integration within your beehiiv account here: SettingsPublicationPremium (tab) → Pricing (section)



For more information on Stripe check out their website

1. Once you click “Connect to Stripe” you will be walked through the following process to set up your Stripe account: 



2. Create your free Stripe Account



3. Secure your account with a mobile number



4. Provide your business location and type



5. Verify your personal details



6. Provide your professional details



7. Add your bank details to receive payouts



8. If this is a new Stripe account sometimes stripe will need to verify details. Once completed it will be connected to your beehiiv account and you will be able to start charging for premium subscriptions.

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