How Can I Import Content From My Email Platform?

With beehiiv, you can import your content from other platforms with a few clicks. 

Simply go here: SettingsPublicationsImport content (tab)

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3



Once you are here, click on "get started."


Now, let's get granular. Here you can select the platform you’re transfering from.


Click on “Substack” box



Step 1: Input your publication URL in the box below. 


Step 2 (Required if you have premium content): If you have premium content, you must upload your exported content from Substack.

To export your content from Substack, go to Writer Dashboard > Settings > Export your data. Do not modify or unzip the file before uploading.

Then upload the file and click "Import."



Click on “Mailchimp” box


Step 1: To import content from Mailchimp, you'll need to connect your Mailchimp account to beehiiv. You can do it by simply clicking on "Connect to Mailchimp"

Once your account is connected, you can select which post you want to import.



Click on “Wordpress” box


Step 1: Ensure that your RSS feed includes entire posts instead of just excerpts. 

This can be done in Wordpress by going to Settings > Reading > For each post in a feed, include and selecting Full Text. Make sure to click Save.

Step 2: Input your blog's URL below. 


Once you are done click on “Import.”


Revue (Export Required)

Click on “Revue” box



Step 1: Ensure that your publication's profile page is accessible on Revue. 

This can be done in Revue by going to Account Settings > Profile > Profile Page and selecting Show past issues. Make sure to click Save.

Step 2: Input your publication's profile page URL below. This will be used to pull content and information about your publication during the import process.


Once you are done click on “Import.”


Others Providers

In case your content is not on any of these platforms, please get in touch with support for personalized assistance. 


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