Can I create a premium only newsletter?

If you would like to create a premium only newsletter publication and not offer any free content you can do this by simply connecting Stripe, setting up your pricing, and then categorize all posts under premium only within your settings. 

This will protect all your content and only allow premium paying subscribers to view. 

Here are the steps to set everything up: 

1. Go to

2. Click on settings



3. Click on publication



4. Click on premium



5.Scroll down to “Pricing” (section) and toggle on “Enable Premium Subscriptions” 



6. Select your preferred currency



7. Outline all your premium “details” such as name, preview, and features you want to include for premium subscribers. 



8. Premium offers allows you to create special offers, trials, etc for new subscribers.



9. Add a gift premium subscription…


Once your premium subscription details are finished you will want to create your first premium piece of content that only premium subscribers will have the opportunity to access. 

10. Go back to your main dashboard and click on Start writing



11. Create your premium content



12. Once your content is complete and ready to send to subscribers click on delivery



13. Scroll down to the segment option to determine who will have access to your premium content and select only “premium”. This will only allow subscribers who have paid to your content the ability to access and view it. 


Repeat this process for any and all posts you create to ensure all your posts are protected and only available to premium subscribers. 

We’ve put together some great resources to help you with your paid newsletter on our blog here

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