How to remove social icons from the header or footer

Social icons can be included in both the header and footer of your newsletters. Although optional, they serve distinct purposes and can be removed if desired. These icons are designed to appear in the email, enabling readers to effortlessly share the specific post. However, please note that the color of the social share icons cannot be changed.

How to add or remove header social icons

  1. From an open post in your account, go to the editor on the right side and click on Email found at the top.
  2. Go down to Display social share icons? and click the arrows to reveal Top or None.
  3. Select Top to have your social share icons show in the header, or None to remove them from the header.

Tech Note: While you have the option to remove social icons from appearing at the top of your emails, they cannot be removed from the top of your web post or have their colors adjusted at this time.


How to add or remove footer social icons

The social icons found in the footer of your newsletter are based on the publication settings that you have previously established. 

  1. To access them, from the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication, which will open the General tab on the right.
  2. Scroll down to the Social Accounts section where you can add or remove the URLs for the social accounts that you wish to feature in your publication footer.


For any social account URLs that are removed or show as empty, those social icons will not appear in the footer of your publications. When you preview your post, you'll still see all the icons, but rest assured that when you send a test email or publish it, only the icons with links in your Social Account settings will appear in the footer.

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