How to add or update your publication’s social links

In a typical beehiiv post, social links can appear in three places: on the top right, top left, and at the bottom, each serving a distinct purpose.

Social sharing links are at the top in the header

Social sharing links are located at the top of the web version of your published posts as gray and white icons. They allow your readers to share your entire newsletter on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, or via email. Social sharing links can be enabled from the post editor.


Additional sharing icons are located on the top left side of the post by clicking the social posts icon. Readers can seamlessly share your content to their network via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, or WhatsApp. 

Social Links Example.01.png

Your social media links are at the bottom in the footer

At the bottom of your post in the footer, you'll find social media icons that link to your social media accounts, if added. These links are intended for readers who want to learn more about you or your publication.
You can add social links for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Threads
  • Discord

Social media links can be added to the Website Builder, then have their look customized in the Newsletter Builder.

How to add or remove header social sharing links from an email post

You can add social sharing links to the header of your newsletter, allowing your readers to share the entire post. Currently, it is not possible to share only a specific section or portion.

  1. When creating a new post, go to the editor on the right side and click on the Email tab found at the top.

  2. Look for Display social share icons? and then click the menu arrows to choose between Top or None. Select Top to have your social share icons show in the header, or None to remove them from the header. 
Tech Note: While you have the option to remove the icons for social links from appearing at the top of your emails, they cannot be removed from the top of your web post or have their colors adjusted at this time.


How to add or remove footer social media links

The social media links, found in the footer of your website or newsletter, are based on the publication settings that you have established in the Website Builder. 

    1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Design > Website Builder.

      Social Links Example.02.png

    2. The Website Builder will open on the Styles tab, select the Settings tab instead, then click on the Social Links option.

      Note: The Settings tab will automatically open on Pixels showing boxes to input your social pixel links. These are not the same as your social links, so make sure that you click into Social Links found below Pixels in the options on the left.

    3. The Social Links options will appear on the right panel. You can add the URLs for the social links for Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Threads, and Discord. 
      Note: Be sure to include https:// with any links that you add.

Tech Note: Any social links that are removed or left empty will not appear in the footer of your emailed newsletter. However, when you preview your email post, you'll still see all the icon options. Rest assured, when you send a test email or publish it, only the icons with links in your Social Links Settings will appear in the footer.
  1. Each new social link is saved in real-time. After adding or removing a social link, you’ll receive a quick Saved message at the top of your screen.

    Social Links Example.03.png

How to customize the look of your footer social links for your email publication

In the Newsletter Builder, you can adjust the background and icon color of your social media links. 

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Design > Newsletter Builder.

    Social Links Example.04.png

  2. The Newsletter Builder will open on the Background tab, click the arrow to close Background. 

    Social Links Example.05.png

  3. Then, scroll down and click the arrow next to Email Footer to open it. 

  4.  Scroll down to find Social Links. Here, you can adjust the Background color to a color of your choosing, and adjust the Icon color between Light and Dark.

  5. When done making changes to your social link design, be sure to click on the Save Changes button found in the bottom right corner.

  6. Once saved, you’ll receive a quick Theme Published message at the top of your screen.

    Social Links Example.06.png

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