How can I remove social icons from my email header and footer?

The social icons appearing in the header and footer are both optional and work in different ways. 

Header social icons can be removed from the top of your emails via the email settings in your post editor (on the right hand side). 

You will want to start at the top of the post settings, select “email” and click “Display social share icons?” You will see this:


Set to “none” and your icons will be removed from the top of your emails. Please note they cannot be removed from the top of your web post at this time. 

Footer social icons are based on the inputs you have within your company settings. 

If you go to your publication’s social account settings (found here) you will be able to add or remove the URLs for your social accounts. 


If removed, the social icons will not longer appear in your footer. 

Note: You will see all of the social icons in the email preview.. This is just for preview purposes. When your email is sent via test or published, the only social icons which appear are the ones with a corresponding link in these social account settings linked above. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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