How to export subscribers

Watch and learn: How do I export my subscribers?

This quick video tutorial has no sound and features the 2 ways that you can export your subscriber data from your beehiiv account, Quick or Full. You can also follow the written out instructions below the video.  


How to export your subscribers (Quick and/or Full) 

You can choose to either export all of your subscribers using the Full option, or use the Quick option, which will download your subscribers broken out by email, status, and tier ordered by most recently subscribed. 

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication.

    Settings Publications.png

  2. Move over to the tab options and click on the Export Data tab.

    Export Subs.03.png

  3. You'll see options for Export Subscribers (Quick) or Export Subscribers (Full).

    Both options generate a file listing your subscribers by email, status, and tier, sorted by the most recent subscriptions. However, the Full export provides additional details such as custom fields and statistics, though it requires a little more time to process.

    Export Subs.04.png
  4. Click on Export All Subscribers under the options of your choice Full or Quick. You'll see a quick success message at the top of your screen. 

  5. When the export has completed, you'll get an email letting you know that your subscriber export is ready for download. In the same area of you account, you'll also see a record of the new export under Recent Exports with the option to download it. 

    Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 1.56.31 PM.png



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