3 common concerns with importing a CSV file

When uploading a CSV file to be imported into beehiiv, there are some common concerns that can come up. 

Import limit is not high enough

Having import limits in place is important for a few big reasons but you do have the power to increase your import limit to 10, 000 directly from your account.

Should you need to further increase your import limit to more than 10,000, please refer to this article for further instructions.


Import shows as “complete” but there are fewer subscribers in beehiiv than on your original CSV

There's no need to panic, beehiiv automatically removes inactive emails and duplicates, which is likely why your subscriber numbers may vary. This can also be the case if you import the same list twice, because beehiiv will overwrite existing data. 

You can import a new list with the same emails, you'll just need to include additional custom fields so it won't need to delete anything. The new fields will appear where they belong. 


Some custom fields are missing from the import

There is a list of reserve fields that cannot become custom fields, so if your import includes any of them (such as city), those fields will not go through. 

You can get around this by re-naming the CSV column to something like “import_city” so that it doesn't register as a reserve field. 

Should you run into other issues with your CSV upload or import, please log into your account and contact our support team for assistance. 

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