Why do I have an import limit?

Import limits are separate from subscriber limits (the latter of which is set based on your specific beehiiv plan), and we have import limits in place for two reasons: 

  1. To limit potential spam and malicious behavior on new accounts.

  2. To ensure beehiiv users do not accidentally send emails with poor deliverability practices. 


For example, uploading a list of 50,000 subscribers that has not been sent an email in over a year is a risk. 

The odds of an email bouncing or being marked as spam are very high in this example. This is likely due to many emails that have become inactive (such as people changing jobs and emails being deleted), or when users forget they signed up for the newsletter in the first place. 

You can raise your import limit to 10,000 anytime directly from your account, or if you need further increase your import limit, please contact support. Our team will ask you to include a list of your existing newsletter archive, or send examples of your content if you do not have a past archive. 

Naturally, they will also ask you to confirm the method in which your users on your list have consented to receive these emails from you. 

We take potential spam very seriously, which is why we perform this light verification and ask a few basic questions at the outset of your migration to ensure best practices are followed. These are important to beehiiv as a platform and add to the security all of our users. 

We appreciate your understanding and are happy to help. 


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