How to import premium subscribers

PLEASE NOTE: There have been some recent changes to the Stripe process that is outlined in this article. While we work on updating the steps below, please refer to this video for the most up-to-date instructions on importing premium subscribers. 


Before you embark on importing your premium subscribers to beehiiv, please note the following:

  • All beehiiv premium subscriptions require a Stripe account.
  • You will need to have the premium offerings set up in your account here.  
  • When mapping premium subscriptions from other platforms to beehiiv, it's crucial to maintain both the subscription price and the original currency because you will not be able to alter the price or the currency during the import process.
  • After you've successfully added your premium subscribers, you can watch this video to learn about setting up premium subscriptions and adding premium offerings to your beehiiv account. 
Tech Note: The process of importing premium subscribers may vary based on the platform you are coming from, this article covers general instructions on how to do this. Please be sure to refer to your previous platform's support should any issues arise. 
  1. Log into your Stripe account and navigate to where you can review the current customers and products that you have been offering your premium subscribers.

  2. When you are ready to start the migration, log into your beehiiv account and go here to Stripe Migrations, then click on the Get Started button.

  3. You will need to map your previous subscriptions to the new beehiiv subscriptions exactly the same as you had them before. It is not an option to change the price or currency of the subscriptions at this time.

    Select your source product (your previous platform) and map it to the beehiiv product that you previously created.

    Once you have done the mapping, click Next.


  1. The system will automatically find the new premium subscribers and then you will have an option to review the customers that will be migrated to make sure everything is being done correctly.

    Premium Subscribers_Step 4.png

  2. Review all of the subscriptions details to make sure they are as you desire, then click on Start Import to begin the process.

  3. The progress bar in your beehiiv account will let you know when the import is completed.

  4. Once done, you can verify this by going to Audience > Subscribers where you will see the migrated premium subscribers included in your list.

  5. Log back into your previous platform and be sure to cancel or pause the premium subscription billing. Otherwise, your premium customers may get charged twice, once through through beehiiv, and then again from the old platform.

  6. Go back to your Stripe account and verify that the new beehiiv subscription plan is registered to the right customers.


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